Welcome to the most twisted and fun fantasy on the net. You are here because you feel it inside you don't you? You know you feel like a pig and you know you need someone to guide you. My name is Femcan Lana and I have several years experience training men to become good piggies. Its not an easy task BUT I feel I was born to lead the way for piggies just like you.

RULE #1 DO NOT message me till you grab some clips then you can email me lana@piggiebopotcamp.com Tell me what you bought and I will double check it. Do I think all piggies lie? of course not! Do I think that people do sometimes? Yes of course I do!

Then once I confirm that you did I will take your piggie hand down the road of being a good piggie. Were does the road finally end? Well piggie it never does. Being a pig is a way of life NOT a hobby! :)

All FEMCAN LANA pics are me. Some are older and some are newer. Even though this is a fantasy People still age and get older even Femcans and piggies!


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